Bitcoin Laundering: Black Money Hoarders Of The World Hit The Jackpot

The amount of Bitcoin spent on illicit purposes has reached a new high with Bitcoin emerging as an ideal replacement for Fiat currency vis-a-vis Money Laundering and Black Money Hoarding activities.

End of Swiss Secrecy: Justice or Just Distraction?

Fight against corruption was earlier seen as people’s phantasm which later used as gospel truth by Modi government in their political manifesto.

From September, hiding black money in Swiss banks is not a good idea

India to get Swiss bank details of all Indians from September 2019, the details will be shared with Indian tax authorities under the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) framework

Demonetisation the biggest scam since Independence: Congress alleges

Demonetisation, as you will soon see, is the biggest scam since Independent India. The motive of the Prime Minister in making the announcement was to enrich the BJP and deprive the poor people of their hard earned money. In the…