Why The US Is No Country For Pregnant Woman

As shocking it may sound, the U.S. is the worst place to pregnant in the developed nation. The world’s superpower, largely called the Land of Opportunities, might have failed to provide adequate maternal conditions to its own female population. If…

The U.S. Welcomes Its 12th Federal Holiday — Juneteenth

The Biden administration adds weight to the fight against racism by observing the day most close to the African-American community. Highlights — Senate passes a unanimous resolution to mark Juneteenth as a federal holiday. The brutal murder of George Floyd…

Police Brutality, Race And Nationalism: Marvel Makes Us Question Our Privileges

Marvel Hits Race & Nationalism Issues In Falcon and The Winter Soldier This week on Falcon and Winter Soldier Captain America John Walker tainted 70 years of Shield’s legacy in 70 seconds. Walker or better we call him US Agent…

Beyond Greta Thunberg: 15 Young Activists Leading The War Against Climate Change

Over the past few years, young activists around the world have come together in the fight to change the system, combat climate change, urge the world to wake up, and save the planet.

Russia’s TikTok Generation Is Giving Putin Revolution Nightmares

TikTok, the video streaming social media giant popular for its catchy trends, has also become the new language of dissent and protest across the world. Right now, Putin is bearing the brunt of the power of TikTok and its potential as a political tool.

Meghan And Harry Are Building Up Into Future Democrat Politicians

Is Meghan Markle or Harry or both considering a political career in the United States? Anything is possible…

Amazon’s Alabama Workers Are Out To Reshape E-Commerce Work Culture

With Amazon Alabama Workers going to historic Union Vote, to achieve the first-ever Unionization in the US, the road to Unionization in the US suddenly seems not far off.

Black Lives Matter’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Raises Criticism And Concerns

Proposed for its global impact in raising awareness and consciousness of racial injustice, the Black Lives Matter Movement Nobel nomination raises questions about individual vs group role in bringing change.

Biden’s Victory: A Good Place To Begin Rebuilding America

It would be naive to overlook or underplay the pull Trump has with several sections of Americans, and that is where the problem lies.U

Trump Or Biden, Skewed Balance Against Black America Worsens

Trump is neither the only nor the worst that African-Americans are up against in the US. He is just one of the heftier cards in a deck heavily loaded against the people of color.