Biden’s Victory: A Good Place To Begin Rebuilding America

It would be naive to overlook or underplay the pull Trump has with several sections of Americans, and that is where the problem lies.U

Trump Or Biden, Skewed Balance Against Black America Worsens

Trump is neither the only nor the worst that African-Americans are up against in the US. He is just one of the heftier cards in a deck heavily loaded against the people of color.

4 Citizen Movements Dominating The Global Protest Scene In 2020

The civilian protests convulsing Lebanon, Belarus, Thailand, and the United States are emblematic of the righteous outrage sweeping through the world. They are the only counter-voice to the tyranny of our times.

State Of The Race — 5 Takeaways From The United States Presidential Campaign

With the conventions out of the way, and a fast-moving media cycle, there are signs of volatility in the polls, but the race is still Joe Biden’s to lose. As part of our on-going series, here are the five key takeaways from the race for the presidency.

Netflix Brings 7 Iconic Shows Featuring People Of Colour In Support Of Black Lives Matter

Netflix shows its alignment to the “Black Lives Matter” movement as it brings to its subscribers seven classic television series featuring people of colour. Showing its support to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in its own way, this week onward,…

Why Andy Samberg Is Rethinking Jake Peralta’s Jokes In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A fun, amiable, and wacky sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves around the ninety-ninth precinct of the NYPD (New York City Police Department). In the same part of the city, there have been at least seven recorded deaths of black people in the hands of real cops, since 2004.

The Importance Of Bernie Sanders In Trump’s America

But as the United States finds itself in the throes of a burgeoning crisis – public health, economic, and social – a close look at Bernie Sanders’ core political beliefs reveals their remarkable prescience and prudence, particularly in the current context.

Besides Coronavirus, The Other Health Crisis In The US Concerns Democracy

It might be worrisome for a democracy when an elected President views himself as a total authority and isn’t hesitant enough to put the thought out. It is bound to raise a question about the health of democracy of a nation, which at the end of the day depends on its people’s commitment to it.

#BlackLivesMatter: We Blamed Quantico Star Priyanka Chopra For India’s Systemic Anti-Black Bias And Moved On

Twitterati were quick to react to these stars’ calls for justice. They called them out for their pin-drop silence at caste-based violence and atrocities against minorities in India. And they correctly pointed out that both Chopra and Khan had endorsed “fairness” creams in the past.

Trump’s Reelection Strategy Is Old Wine In Older Bottle

Trump seems to be banking on the same base politics to carry him through, a risky strategy, given that, unlike Clinton, Joe Biden is hardly despised, and then there is Trump’s first term for the voters to look at. The voters may have already realized that the corrosive substance served up by Trump in the old “MAGA” bottle from the Reagan era was no fine wine.