Black Hole ‘Hair’ Might Not Look Exactly How Stephen Hawking Imagined

Indian Origin researchers find a kink in Hawking’s Black Hole “Soft Hair” Theorem.

The Big Bang Theory Is The Black Hole Of The Sitcom Universe

The Wire and Friends – there are iconic sitcoms that we shall never forget. But then came Big Bang Theory, and ate all of them up…

Fortnite ends in a Big Bang: When will it be back?

Fortnite closed the doors to Season 10 in quite an interesting way: by means of a big bang. The whole game collapsed on Sunday and all…

Wormholes to travel space & be back for office yesterday

Two merged black holes could form wormholes, taking you to another point in space-time.

Triple Black Hole system solves the Final Parsec Problem

Several observatories, both in space and on Earth soil, were used to detect this unbelievable triple black hole system. According to various astronomers, this is the best evidence for the existence of actively feeding triple supermassive black hole systems.

A coin-sized black hole can be the end of us all

At the beginning of the universe, there was nothing but a singularity – black holes are the same despite being what remains after the death of a star. What remains after star death is immensely and unimaginably dense in mass…

Gravitational waves: MIT confirms Einstein’s 100 years old

Theory of relativity has detected the ringing made by the gravitational waves of a Black Hole. The data confirms that Black Hole has three properties only. These are a mass, spin and electric charge.

Humongous Radio Emitting Bubbles at MilkyWay Centre

Yusuf Zadeh dedicates his life in finding humongous Radio emitting filaments at the centre of Milky Way. These structures are so big, our solar system falls way short to even come close to how big this thing is. It is perhaps the vastest structures within our galaxy.

Ancient Stars: Supernovae star deaths and the creation of life

What caused the creation of life then? All of us contain atoms that have been in a star that exploded and led to life

Testing the theory of relativity through the hoofs of a Blackhole

Einstein’s theory of gravity has passed yet another test but this time scientists are even more convinced that they are closer to..