Robert Pattinson’s Dress Parade To Henry Cavill’s Surprise: DC FanDome Events That Outshine The Snyder Cut

DC FanDome will see participation from 300 actors, creators, artists, crew, global hosts, presenters, and also special guests from across the DC/WB universe all coming together for the virtual event. This means that for 24 hours, fans will get exclusive glimpses into movies storylines, the upcoming TV shows, previews of games, comics, art and much more.

Henry Cavill Returns As Superman! Dwayne Johnson Pursues The Witcher For Black Adam

As the countdown to DC FanDome begins fans are anticipating what the studio has in store in the 24-hour- long virtual event. While Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Matt Reeve’s The Batman have gotten fans very excited Dwayne Johnson’s Black…

Dwayne Johnson Vets Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan After Ryan Reynolds Declines Black Adam

Michael B Jordan is eyed by the WB studio to star in the Black Adam. Apparently, he is shortlisted by the studio for the role of Hawkman. In fact, Ryan Reynolds was studio’s first choice to play the part as they seek to capitalize on his friendship with friend and co-star Dwayne Johnson. But Reynolds’ recently gunned down the rumour in a tweet.

Inside Coronavirus Lockdown: Gal Gadot Working Undercover To Bring Brie Larson To DC

It is quite a coincidence that within two weeks of the famous Gal Gadot and Brie Larson pictures, the latter will reportedly move to DCEU…

Dwayne Johnson Is Working Overtime To Get Back Henry Cavill As Superman In Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, is psyched after bagging a role in a Black Adam…but he wants more— Henry Cavill back as Superman..