The Growing Influence Of Elon Musk’s Tweets Is Harming His Net Worth

It’s not the first time that Elon Musk’s outspoken personality has cost him. However, this time it has costed him $15 billion.

Corporate America Is Fast Joining Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Brigade

A Tesla for a Bitcoin: Elon Musk inflates up cryptocurrency price with $1.5 billion purchase.

Indians With Bitcoins, Sell Before You’re Forced To

India is looking at replacing the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum with a digital version of the rupee. However, this goes against the very basics of cryptocurrency, which is to liberate money from government control.

Once Again, Bitcoin Is All The Rage. Here’s Why

A few years ago, no one knew what exactly a bitcoin is and what it does, but today, you hear the name “bitcoin” at every corner of the street.

You Have Heard Of Bitcoin, But Did You Know About Ethereum

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency on the planet, but it is time to start paying attention to Ethereum if you are looking for a smart investment.

Bitcoin Price Is Set To Boom And Cross $2 Million By 2020

The rapidly surging hash rate, increasing market confidence, new regulations in the pipeline and the crucial halving event: Bitcoin Price is set to boom and cross $2,000,000 by 2020/21, thereby sparking a gold rush.

Dark Web’s Largest Child Sexual Exploitation Racket Busted; Dr*g Trafficking next?

In a coordinated International operation by several nations, Dark Web child pornography site Welcome to Video was brought down for good.

Dealing in cryptocurrency will land you in jail

Cryptocurrency will now become illegal in India. Government is planning to draft law with up to 10 years of jail time as punishment for those who found involved with cryptocurrencies in any way.

Facebook’s master plan to dethrone Bitcoin

Social media giant Facebook has started working on its plan to launch “GlobalCoin”, its stabled cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2020