Big Bang Theory Memories Made Love Scenes In Flight Attendant Stressful For Kaley Cuoco

Why did Kaley Cuoco feel uncomfortable about filming a love scene on the sets of ‘Flight Attendant’? Kaley Cuoco, who is currently playing the role of Cassandra in the thriller-drama series ‘Flight Attendant’, was having a little trouble filming love…

Jim Parsons Endangered His Sheldon Fame For Netflix’s Hollywood

From playing America’s heartthrob to America’s villain, what does Jim Parsons have to say about his character development? It was in May 2019 when Parsons bid goodbye to his morally eccentric and artistry character, Sheldon Cooper in ‘Big Bang Theory’.…

The Big Bang Theory: Bazinga Originated And Evolved From Sheldon’s Fruit Basket

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has popularised Sheldon’s go-to term “bazinga” and now everyone’s using it. How did the term land up on the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ scripts? Keep reading to find out! Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’…

Attention Big Bang Theory And Superman Fans: Here’s Why Kaley Cuoco And Henry Cavill Broke Up

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco couldn’t get enough of each other back in 2013. The two dated but only for two weeks. The couple had to break it off given the massive and uncomfortable attention that their dating life was getting.

Young Sheldon: Are Sheldon And Missy Twins In Real Life?

Are on-screen twins Sheldon and Missy related in real life too? Let’s get to know more about our favourite siblings. For twelve years, Sheldon Cooper has embraced our screens with his eccentricity on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. While most were…

We’ll Convince You That Sheldon Is The Most Romantic Character On The Big Bang Theory

That’s right! We’re going all-in and placing all our bets on Sheldon Cooper as the most romantic character on The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon Cooper Was The Big Bang Theory’s Most Misunderstood Romantic

A geek and seemingly without any normal human emotions, Caltech physicist Sheldon cooper only talks in riders and complex scientific terms..

Big Bang Theory: Penny Wasn’t A Spoilt Brat But A Sweetheart

The Big Bang Theory fans are at a war – some believe Penny is a spoiled brat, some claim she is the sweetest. Big Bang Theory Penny.

Jim Parsons Ditched The Big Bang Theory For His Dog

Oh, it’s heartbreaking! ‘The Big Bang Theory’ came to an end because Jim Parsons left the show for his dog. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has finally ended after 12 seasons not because it was meant to but because Jim Parsons…

Young Sheldon Season 4: Young Penny Will Disturb Sheldon’s Peace Of Mind

The creators of ‘Young Sheldon’ released its promo, and fans are already gearing up to watch young Penny and young Sheldon facing each other