Why President Biden’s Popularity Is On An Alarming Decline Within Americans

The country that is increasingly losing faith over its leadership. Reports and surveys suggest that the golden period of the Biden administration’s popularity has now hit a downward graph. Americans are increasingly becoming skeptical of the economic and social shape…

Andrew Cuomo Allegedly Gropped, Kissed & Inappropriately Hugged 11 Women

Gov Andrew Cuomo In Deep Trouble For Sexually Harassing Almost Dozen Women. President Biden calls for resignation, Americans want impeachment. Highlights: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces grave trouble after investigation accuses him of multiple sexual harassment charges. President Biden…

Have You Prepared Yourself For Child Tax Credit 2021?

Income is no bar. However, you might have to payback the money so chose wisely while opting-in. Starting July 15, millions of American parents are now receiving a monthly tax benefit for the dependent children. Under the Biden administration, the…

Biden’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Struggles For Support From Its Own Party

Centrist Senators have backed the Bipartisan plan but the divide among Democrats has become stark. President Biden along with a group of bipartisan senators have finally struck a deal in the direction of the infrastructure plan. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework…

Breaking The US-Iran Nuclear Deadlock: Biden Means Business

Biden Administration is exploring ways to ease Iran’s economic challenges but his plans to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal won’t be a walk in the park.

Caution Rules The Early Biden-Putin Exchange

Biden calls Putin, talks on various bilateral issues. Biden does not hold back, given the personal distaste for the Russian President, to address the recent suspected Russian cyberattack on US soil.

To Shift Spotlight From Navalny Arrest, Putin Baits Zuckerberg

The Russian president, Putin, express concern over US social media giants’ burgeoning effect on contemporary politics.

Biden’s Stimulus: What Benefits The Average Joe And What Pretends To

The newly elected president, Joe Biden, plans to jump-start the economy with a huge stimulus plan that intends to cater to the Average American.

No Human Rights Holidays: Biden Set To Keep Saudi & UAE At Arm’s Length

The Biden administration puts a hold on the Trump initiated weapons sale to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, awaiting review. This comes after disagreements amongst Democrats vis-a-vis foreign policy approach towards the Middle East and the GCC countries.

If It Wasn’t Dr. Jill Biden — Joe Biden Would Have Quit In 1975

Joe Biden’s political and personal support system — Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden is also a dedicated educationist who carries the cause with her wherever she goes. U.S. Presidential elections are less than three weeks away and numerous voters have already…