Supporters, Detractors & Fence-Sitters: Sorting World Leaders In The Wake Of Biden’s Victory

Reactions, from world leaders, to the outcome of the US Presidential election have been varied.

What’s In Store For America And The World After Donald (A.D.)

When an infamous presidency ends, there is a lot that the world should expect.

India’s Kashmir Policy: Lessons To Be Learnt From Israel And Sri Lanka

It may be too early for India to indulge in triumphalism over the implementation of the new domicile rule for Jammu & Kashmir. As Israel and Sri Lanka illustrate, seizing and occupying territories may mean victory, but almost always Pyrrhic.

Europe Is In No Mood To Entertain Netanyahu’s Annexation Fantasy, With Or Without Trump

Though the Israeli government is yet to provide any official timeline for the actualization of the annexation, stiff opposition across the globe has begun against the move.

Leaders Insecure About Re-election Drum Up Israel Genocide Controversy

While coronavirus has been rightly treated as an immediate threat, the mainstream media has largely ignored news stories equally in need of international attention, such as the crisis in the Middle East.

Skeptical Netanyahu extends an olive branch to PM rival Benny Gantz

Likud Party chief Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday extended an olive branch to the Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz to form a “broad

Israeli PM Netanyahu fails to form government; second snap polls soon

Israel calls for second snap polls after Netanyahu fails to form govt Israel’s Parliament voted to dissolve itself in the wee hours of Thursday, sending the country into a second snap election this year as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed…

You don’t need coalition, I do: Israeli PM jokes with Modi over telephone

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP assured its return to power at the centre even as counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections is still underway, his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated him for the thumping majority. Narendra my…

World Powers relish Modi retaining power

Several world leaders have congratulated PM Modi on his reelection as they look forward to continued economic stability in India ties.

Israeli PM names Golan Heights settlement after Donald Trump

Israeli PM intends to name Golan Heights settlement after Donald Trump Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday (local time) said that he intends to name a new settlement in the Golden heights after US President Donald Trump. The move…