This Is What The Showrunners Have Said About The Good Omens Sequel

Thousands of viewers who watched ‘Good Omens’ will agree that it was an amazing show and they would love for it to return. But, the first season of the show adapted the entire book on which it’s based, leaving no…

Spider-Man 3 To Focus On Marvel’s Most Hated Comic Storylines

Latest MCU rumors suggest that Spider-Man 3 will be borrowing one of the most hated Spider-Man storylines in Marvel Comics history.

Marvel Studios Struggle With Horror Genre In Doctor Strange 2 And Blade

Marvel Phase 4 movies Doctor Strange 2 and Blade will contain elements of horror. This poses a new challenge for the production giant.

Doctor Strange Set To Vindicate Peter Parker In Spider-Man 3

What to expect from Spider-Man and Doctor Strange’s Multiverse adventure in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 With phase 4 of Marvel’s cinematic universe set to kick off in the coming weeks, fans might need to rewatch a couple of the old…

Dracula And Sherlock: Minute References Hint Towards A Possible Crossover

Much to the fans’ delight, our very loved creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss slipped on a very subtle reference to the most loved detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes, in ‘Dracula’.  Thanks to the episode’s twisted ending, it isn’t…

Modern Sherlock Almost Made His Way Into True Blood, And We Are Not Kidding

Stephen Moyer had tough competition during the audition for True Blood. Why? Benedict Cumberbatch read for Bill Compton’s role.

The Best Episode Of Sherlock Never Made It To Our Screens

Can you imagine a better version of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC? We can imagine, and we have seen it. But unfortunately, it never aired. The adaptation of Sherlock Holmes by BBC, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman,…

One Final Problem That’s Stopping The Making Of Sherlock Season 5!

Creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are eager to announce ‘Sherlock’ Season 5, but this “Final Problem” has come in their way. What is that final problem? Find your dusty detective cap and let’s investigate. The popularity of the BBC’s…

BBC Almost Ruined The Sherlock Legacy By Signing Benedict Cumberbatch

What was that silly mistake that ruined the BBC version of Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch? BBC Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch.

Mulan’s Release Throws Spotlight On Controversial Sino-Disney Relationship

China’s gag on media coverage and global calls for boycott have made Disney’s Mulan the most politically consequential movie of 2020.