Micellar Water – the secret that was let loose!

There are makeup removers and then there’s washing your face with crazy foams and then comes a saviour and we call it, micellar water. It might sound all jazzy and pricey, but this one is actually pretty simple.

5 Steps To Get A Lip Job Without A Lip Job

Thin lips and gone broke? Can’t afford a lip job? No worries ladies, now there’s more you can do with your lips then just an expensive job (nope not that one silly…that job is free…winks!)

Jade Rollers – the secret to skin perfection infinity

I remember when I was a kid, my mother kept a clean metal spoon in the refrigerator. If her allergies would act up or whenever she felt like her under eyes were puffy

9 Ultimate In-Flight Beauty Saviours

Traveling for a vacation sounds like fun but when your work calls for travel every fortnight – that really does not sound like fun at all. Discomfort and all those stiff seats are another story but all that re-circulated cabin air making your skin dry is a whole different story.

Kylie Jenner’s Walnut Scrub – The Ultimate Disaster

If you thought that the name is enough to burn your
pockets this season, then we’d say – “NOT THIS TIME!”

Celebrity inspired sunglass trends for 2019

Let’s put on the shade and throw some sass! You might have just bought your 100th sunglass, but we totally get it if you still don’t own that exact shade that goes with that one dress you haven’t worn for…

DKODING Sonam Kapoor’s Ethereal Looks at Cannes 2019

Sonam Kapoor went Bold and Beautiful and we aren’t surprised! When you’re talking about stars and red carpets, Sonam Kapoor is made up of the entire universe and a zillion spotlights glistening on her. Cannes 2019 was no less of…

DKODING Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes’ look 2018 vs 2019

She may be Miss World 1994. But guess what? Its 2019 and we are bored. The one-time fashion icon is disappointing us with all her wardrobe choices. Her latest letdown came up at France fashion fiesta- Cannes 2019. The once…

Top trending swimwears for this summer

Time to splash around! We don’t care if that summer body is on or not, but the swimwear game shall forever be strong. If you have a pool at home or if you live near the beach, swimwear is that…

All About Vampire Facial

Caution – bloody bumpy massacre ahead! If you thought your chumps were bloody painful then darling you’re about to learn new things today or let’s call it something ‘trending’ (this word always works like a magic spell). We all have…