Avengers Vs Justice League: Marvel’s Parent Disney Now Set To Acquire DC

Can Disney really buy DC in AT&T’s WarnerMedia breakup and revolutionize the Superhero world? Disney is looking forward to uniting Marvel and DC and become the biggest media company in the world. Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion in August…

DC Distracts With FanDome While WarnerMedia Cuts Comic Books Down To Size

For DC fans and employees last week was quite eventful that’s least to say. While fans delved and relished all the new information around their favourite superheroes, their creators numerous DC employees got laid off. Two weeks ahead of its virtual fest DC FanDome, as a part of WarnerMedia’s restructuring DC layoffs several employees.

Global 5G Protest Day: Hoax Artists Out To Vandalize Telecom Towers

The Global 5G Protest Day event will take place amid a backdrop of a misinformation drive to demonize the new internet technology as the root of coronavirus and also having massive ‘bio-effects’ on human health.