Apple’s Card is being called Sexist in the US and It has No Defense

Apple banked on Goldman Sachs and guaranteed its customers a different credit card experience that apparently comes with a sexist bias towards women.

Apple is scared with iPhone 11 launch

There are three permanent truths of life; death, taxes and Apple events every year.  Last night, Apple announced its latest series of iPhones, the iPhone 11 along with a long-range of other products and services. Things are however a bit…

Apple unveils the all-new Mac Pro, iOS 13, Mac OS

Apple has brought to light the new iOS 13. And with the operating system, the iPhone is going to be way faster and private. The voice of Siri has been changed. And the most hyped about change is the dark mode that iOS 13 offers.

iPhone’s lost charm forces Apple to Grapple

Years ago, late Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs had said about television that he believed he had “finally cracked it”. In a ‘showtime’ announcement, did CEO Tim Cook demystify what Jobs had meant? Or is Apple just going the Amazon way,…

Apple to redefine User Experience with host of new services

Apple goes big on new services Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone maker will be releasing new services to the Apple users this year, with new products Apple will be releasing new services. Apple will now be offering…