The Political Oddcouple: The Unsual Friendship Of Two Of The Most Different Leaders

Dear Barack: The Extraordinary Partnership of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel

Camaraderie On The World Stage: Dear Barack Traces Extraordinary Political Alliance

Barack Obama was the first Black U.S. president, and Angela Merkel was the first woman chancellor of Germany. Together, they made history with the bond formed for the first time between the U.S. and Germany — creating a model of…

11 Major World Events That Made History In 2021

Drumrolls! The year 2021 has come to end and here are the major events that made headlines. 2021 was anything but an ordinary year. While it was, fortunately, better than the tragic 2020, this year too had its fair share…

Key Takeaways From Biden’s Global Debut, Starring Macron And Merkel

President Joe Biden presented the “America Is Back” narrative at the Munich Security Council 2021, plans to improve Trans-Atlantic ties and work closely with US allies.

Trump Set A Low Bar, But Will Biden Manage To Outshine Ex-Boss Obama?

In the aftermath of Trump’s fraught politics, Biden is left with key foreign policy challenges as he strives hard to make his own case for the presidency, not Obama’s.

Europe-China Investment Deal Creates Biden’s First Big Foreign Policy Challenge

The ‘in principle’ agreement between EU and China over EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI), is significant both from an economic and geo-political standpoint.

The Complexities Of Turkey Hedging Between Russia And The West

While observers focus on Turkey’s growing proximity with Russia, they forget that there are a number of geo-political divergences.

Top 15 Highest Paid Heads Of States And Richest Monarchs In The World

Some of the government heads on our list of the world’s highest paying are earning a lot more than the per capita GDP of the citizens of their countries. Others surprisingly don’t even make it to the 15 highest-paid heads of state despite being the national leaders of huge economies

Supporters, Detractors & Fence-Sitters: Sorting World Leaders In The Wake Of Biden’s Victory

Reactions, from world leaders, to the outcome of the US Presidential election have been varied.

5 Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Globally (& 5 With The Worst)

Political leadership is under increasing pressure to control the spread of the deadly virus and limit the panic amongst people.