Andy Serkis’ Alfred Stands Out As Ex-military Co-spy To The Batman

How is Andy Serkis’ Alfred different from other iterations and his relationship with Robert Pattinson’s Batman One of the most important relationships Bruce Wayne has is with Alfred. While on the surface he looks like just a loyal family butler,…

Robert Pattinson Delivers! Matt Reeves Has Officially Changed The Game With The Batman

After a year of delay, Matt Reeves has finally showcased the full-fledged trailer for The Batman featuring the likes of Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz. Pattinson returns as vengeance in the insane full trailer at DC Fandome So does it…

Killmonger Is The New Black Panther

In the sixth episode of Marvel Studios What If, Erik Killmonger saves Tony from the Ten Rings in Afghanistan.  But does this make Tony safe?

Where Does Venom Fit In The Larger MCU?

Tom Hardy returns as Venom in the Sony Picture’s Universe Of Marvel Characters [SPUMC] with Woody Harrelson as Carnage. The movie promises the long-awaited Venom vs Carnage fight and wonders if MCU might be on the horizon. There’s so much…

Robert Pattinson Dives Deep Into Matt Reeves’ Dark Psyche For Batman 2021

The Batman could have been the eleventh release of DC’s Extended Universe. But since Ben Affleck’s exit and Reeve’s takeover, The Batman has spun its own universe of sorts with an HBO Max spin-off. The script details are unclear as to how much the movie resembles Ben Affleck’s original dark broody ideas.

Actor turned director Andy Serkis to direct ‘Venom 2’

‘Venom 2’ is set to have Andy Serkis on board as the director. The sequel to Sony Pictures’ 2018 Marvel movie grossed $856

Venom 2 borrows star power from Avengers and Transformers

Sony is now looking to get the “Venom” sequel and the movie will have a set of new directors on board as film’s previous director