4 Sex Positions That Can Take Your Sex Life From Vanilla To WOW!

4 Sex Positions That Are A Must Try This Year. Sometimes, a normal routine gets mundane and monotonous. And the same goes for sex life. When you have sex in the same and/or favourite position/s for a while, it may…

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Not to mention — I am happy with my decision to step outside my sexual comfort zone. How about someone stimulating your ass and giving you an amazing anal sex orgasm. I have enjoyed my butt being licked, eaten and…

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For many women, just hearing the words “anal sex” can make them clench their cheeks and change the subject

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My husband and I have been married for 10 years and it’s been fairytale life for us. We have stayed in love with each other and rarest of rare that we have an argument. He would compliment me every now and…

8 Weird Ways People Have Sex

Everybody enjoys sex in their own way. People find new and attractive ways to have sex, every day. There’s more to sex these days than just finding one another attractive.