Millions But Tidier! Rami Malek Outshines Daniel Craig In New James Bond Trailer

Wanting to kill ‘millions’ and being ‘tidier’ about it, Rami Malek lights up the screen as Safin. The dismay on his scarred face is pure evil and you’d appreciate it if you like the writer is looking for an era-defining closure to Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond. Malek who has Bohemian Rhapsody and Mr Robot to his credit among others could be the villain Craig’s Bond deserved but didn’t meet over the course of the last 4 movies…

No Time To Die — Time’s Up For Gender Stereotypes In James Bond Movies

James Bond used to be a womanizer and Bond Girls were commodities to glamorize the movies, but in No Time To Die, the age-old Ian Fleming concept of Bond Girls is finally being shown the exit door.