Estranged Geek Couple Amy And Sheldon May Be The Reason Behind The Return Of The Big Bang Theory Gang

Last we had heard, Sheldon and Amy accepted their Nobel Prize with an emotional send-off to The Big Bang Theory universe. In a possible reboot, the nerd gang may reunite to resolve marital issues between Sheldon and Amy.

Big Bang Theory Season 13 To Return Soon But This Time With Amy And Sheldon Only

In a sea of revivals, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is swimming to the shore with Season 13. But it seems like only Amy and Sheldon will make it.

Sheldon And Amy Contest Against Each Other To Solve Big Bang Theory’s Biggest Mystery

Big Bang Theory might have needed but fans have always wanted to know the answer to this question. Who really is smarter? Is it Amy or is it Sheldon? In the heart of all nerd jokes, board games, star wars…