The US Braces Itself To Witness A 9/11 Moment In The Upcoming Week

The United States of America is expected to see a shocking rise in the death toll in the upcoming week due to COVID-19. The President Doanld Trump refuses to follow the guidelines limiting his presidency and failing his supporters.

Trump — Man Who Poses Bigger Threat To America Than Coronavirus

Amid Rising Death Tolls and Unemployment Donald Trump Poses a Bigger Threat to America Than COVID-19

Trump Turning A Deaf Ear To Covid-19 Warnings Will Make America Scream In Pain

As US death toll rises, President Trump seems unable to grasp the severity of the pandemic and has been ignoring coronavirus warnings for long…

100000 Americans Dying Is Acceptable To President Trump (Shocked The World)

The Dirty Politics Is Making Trump Dance To Its Tune

Difference Between Trump And Obama And Why It Would Have Mattered The Most NOW

An Objective Comparison – Obama’s handling of H1N1 flu and Ebola virus versus Trump’s handling of Coronavirus

Which Church Is President Trump Attending This Easter!

Will Donald Trump lose his Presidency or will he be known forever as the wartime President of United States who in the end fell short?

Come One,Come All,Come For The Donald Trump Show — The Catastrophic Negligence Of A Fool

Slow Deaths at the hands of an imbecile — Trump cannot be changed. While the entire world fights the Coronavirus, Trump is back at it with his foolery.

Opioid Racket busted in USA: 8 Indian-Americans arrested

US authorities have arrested eight Indian-Americans for their alleged involvement in the distribution of millions of opioid pills smuggled into the country from India, as per the US Justice Department.