Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War Fails To Impress Fans

Unoriginal premise and uneven tone derail Amazon’s The Tomorrow War. Spoilers ahead We caught the premiere of Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War (TTW) the other day, and it’s unfulfilling, to say the least. The premise for the movie by director…

Gal Gadot Being Replaced By This Brazilian Actress As Wonder Woman

Is Gal Gadot getting replaced by a Brazilian actress as Wonder Woman? Keep reading to find out. Gal Gadot first donned the Wonder Woman outfit a decade ago, and we had no idea when she cemented her spot in our…

Jeff Bezos Is The Next James Bond Villain

It’s finally time for Jeff Bezos to complete his acting dream and be the antagonist in the next James Bond movie. It’s not been long when the news of WarnerMedia and Discovery coming together came along. The deal would bring…

Can James Bond Franchise Survive Amazon-MGM Deal

Should you be worried about James Bond after the Amazon-MGM merger? John Logan, is an Oscar-nominated writer, with the likes of writing credits for The Aviator and Gladiator under his belt. Logan has also served his talent for the Bond…

After MGM Acquisition, James Bond Is Just A Liability For Amazon

Amazon’s acquisition of MGM has raised several doubts about the future of the James Bond franchise. Putting rest to all speculation, Amazon has successfully acquired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in a whopping $8.45 billion deal. How will this affect the prized James Bond…

9 Stocks That Will Take Wall Street By Storm In ’14’ Years

Expect a double or even a triple-digit growth if you are patient enough to hold these stocks in your portfolio for a decade and a half.

Bernard Arnault Overtakes Jeff Bezos As World’s Richest Man Yet Again

In a see-saw battle at the top, Arnault ended the day at $191.9 billion, with $4.8 billion more than Bezos.

Will There Be Season 2 Of Invincible? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Is ‘Invincible’ coming back with another season? Let’s find out! If you love watching animated series, then ‘Invincible’ has to be on the top of your watch list. Unlike many other cartoon series with adult humour, the storyline of ‘Invincible’…

Jeff Bezos Isn’t Just Stepping Down As CEO But Selling Amazon Shares Too

The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos is constantly making headlines that are driving global giants to anticipate his next big move. Be it his divorce announcement in January or his stepping down as Amazon’s CEO by the end of this year. What future plans does he really have?

M&A King Mukesh Ambani Is Rewriting The History Of Reliance Industries

The 63-year-old business tycoon seeks to widen his retail footprint in the Indian market at an uncertain time, especially when the space is hot for global players such as Amazon as well as local rivals. Several companies have already made it to the billionaire’s shopping cart.