Amazon Fire: 10,000 sq. kms of Rainforests lost but Bolsonaro doesn’t care

The Amazon rainforests aka the “Earth’s Lungs” are now under the coverture of an insurmountable fire. Plumes of smoke raging across the tropical rainforest reaching over 2000 miles away to Brazilian cities.

Amazon Fire: Each and every one of us is to blame

The fire in Amazon is still active, and trees are not the only one affected by this catastrophic fire. People around the globe..

Bollywood shows solidarity with Amazon’s burning rainforest

Amazon rainforest has been burning for over two weeks now. Social media is continuously praying for the Green Ocean of Earth. In fact, if…

Amazon is on fire: Earth’s Lungs burning while Bolsonaro cries Fake news

Amazon rainforest has suffered 72,000 fires in the period between January and August.