Lisbon From Money Heist Believes That Professor Will Rob Another Bank After The Show’s Finale!

Spanish actress Itziar Ituño, who plays Lisbon on the popular Spanish-language Netflix series, ‘Money Heist’, stated that she believes the mastermind behind the heist, the Professor will continue heists even after the end of the series. The Spanish crime centred…

The Secret Ingredient That Turned Money Heist From A Flop Into A Blockbuster

If you think the maker of ‘Money Heist’ Alex Pina knew the formula for success, you are living with a misconception. ‘Money Heist’ or let’s pronounce its Spanish title, ‘La Casa de Papel’, released another eight-episode run on Netflix in…

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The fifth and final season of ‘Money Heist’ is just around the corner. does this mean that the end of ‘Money Heists’ lead to the beginning of its spin-offs?

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For a show like ‘Money Heist’, with its ensemble cast and complex characters, there is no dearth of spin-off ideas. We think a spin-off featuring the kids on the show would be smashing success with the fans.

Money Heist Touches The Right Nerves With Dali Masks And Bella Ciao

The Spanish heist drama series, which was initially just a two-part miniseries for local networks, became a global phenomenon only after Netflix decided to distribute it to the rest of the world. Money Heist, or La Casa De Papel, is…

Should We Say Bella Ciao To The Professor: Money Heist’s Big Revelation Is Here

What’s next for the Professor? Fans write about his fate on Money Heist season 5. The Professor, the brain behind all the heists in Netflix’s Spanish crime drama Money Heist, might not survive in the final season. At least that’s…

Find Out Who All Will Make It To The Finishing Line In Money Heist Season 5

Netflix has renewed Money Heist for season 5 and confirmed that this will be the final one. We are itching to know which characters make it across the finishing line. Ever since Netflix released the Spanish heist crime drama Money…

Money Heist Season 5 Plot Revealed By Alex Pina As The Spanish Drama Is Renewed For The Final Season

The heist is coming to an end. Here’s what the last heist will be about. ‘La Casa De Papel’, otherwise known as ‘Money Heist’, is finally coming to an end with its fifth and final season. Yes, Netflix has finally…

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Alex Pina, who also created ‘Money Heist’, has long dropped the hint for season 2.

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