Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga In The West — What Layla Saad’s Claim Tells Us About Our Inherent Biases

If I study and apply Einstein’s theory of relativity, am I appropriating the cultural legacy of Jews? Do I unknowingly demean Koreans when I practice Taekwondo? Does an attempt by me, an Indian born and raised, to learn Blues music, diminish the struggle of African-Americans?

Science Simplified: What is Gravity?

You don’t need a fancy degree in science to know these general facts about gravity which is way more than just a force that..

AI Copernicus re-discovered that Earth orbits Sun… Can it reveal how it all started?

Self-learning Artificial Intelligence Copernicus recently discovered through its data comprehension that the Earth orbits the Sun and we’re waiting for it to find out what happened before Big Bang. Is AI Copernicus up to the task?