Ukrainian airplane crashes in Iran

A Ukrainian airplane carrying at least 170 passengers and crew was crashed in Iran on Jan 08. Ukrainian jetliner has crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran’s main airport. The plane was crashed due to technical difficulties.

Watch: Airplane on truck gets stuck under bridge in WB’s Durgapur

A truck carrying an abandoned India Post aircraft has got stuck under a bridge in West Bengal’s Durgapur. Incident has disrupted the traffic on the route. Further details are awaited.

Airbus’ Awe-Inspiring Eagle-like Aircraft Of The Future

A glimpse of the ‘Aircrafts Of The Future’, recently revealed Airbus’ biomimicry concept future plane will leave you spellbound.

Russian plane fireball claims 41 lives

The plane caught fire after a hard landing | 41 out of 78 on board lost their lives | Investigations underway.

Terrifying Landing. Miraculous Escape.

143 passengers witnessed a miracle escape as a charter 737 plane skid off the runway and into a river in Florida, US.


Welcome aboard. We are about to take off. Please fasten your seat belt and remain standing. That’s a new set of instructions you will hear on a plane now! The seats are called “standing seats” and are at display at…