Ukrainian airplane crashes in Iran

A Ukrainian airplane carrying at least 170 passengers and crew was crashed in Iran on Jan 08. Ukrainian jetliner has crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran’s main airport. The plane was crashed due to technical difficulties.

From NASCAR to Airplanes, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a survivor

Former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family along with their dog evaded death and survived a plane crash on Thursday

Pink’s plane bursts into flames, crash lands in Denmark

The private plane carrying the crew and the manager of pop star Pink crashed into the grass.

Pilot on a suicide mission: MH370 Special Investigations

Fresh reports from French investigators suggest that the pilot of Malaysian Airlines MH370 was in control of the plane until the end, fueling speculation that the plane was crashed into the sea on purpose.

Russian plane fireball claims 41 lives

The plane caught fire after a hard landing | 41 out of 78 on board lost their lives | Investigations underway.

Terrifying Landing. Miraculous Escape.

143 passengers witnessed a miracle escape as a charter 737 plane skid off the runway and into a river in Florida, US.