How Indian Startups Eflight and The ePlane Are Gaining Thrust In The Aviation Sector

One of the worst Pandemic-hit Aviation Sector is set to recover in 2021 but these Indian Startups are already making gains in the industry which looks promising to become the world’s largest by 2030.

How to travel first class in a budget

Do you want to travel the world without breaking your bank? These tips may help you in getting an inexpensive business..

IATA bars Cox & Kings from selling airline tickets

The International Air Transport Association (lATA) has suspended the license of Cox & Kings for selling tickets as the company continues to grapple with the liquidity crisis, the company said on Monday.

Amazon’s entry into ticketing leaves airlines wary and concerned

Amazon has started selling tickets to Indian customers and offers them an easy payment process and cash-back offers.

Air India plans to check drug abuse in Pilots

Air India is now levelling up the standards of safety for its customers and in the line of fire will be crew abusing substances.

AAI introduces contingency procedure, to check overflying flights

Airports Authority of India on Thursday introduced contingency procedures and routes to facilitate the transit of overflying flights across the Indian Peninsula. “A sample simulation study of expected traffic was done and various NOTAMs (Notice to airmen) were taken last…

Vistara pilots flying for Singapore Airlines

Indian pilots from Vistara flying for Singapore Airlines Since January, Indian full-service carrier, Vistara, has been progressively sending its pilots to fly with Singapore Airlines (SIA) and its budget subsidiary, Scoot. This arrangement, which was first announced internally to the…

Engine snags after take off in Go Air flight: Landed safely

GoAir flight develops engine snag after take-off, lands back safely “A GoAir Airbus Neo aircraft flying from Ahmedabad to Kolkata had to return back on Wednesday due to a snag in the engine. Soon after takeoff, the pilot informed Air…

Naresh Goyal down, Shares up

DKODING ( New Delhi ) – Shares in Jet Airways bounced over 18 percent on Monday after a report that chairman Naresh Goyal is probably going to venture down from the leading body of the troubled organisation and surrender greater…

Turbulent 2019 ahead Naresh Goyal ‘Do Not’ Fasten Your Seat Belt!

 Jet is looking at various funding options, but Chairman Naresh Goyal is reportedly adamant on retaining his stake and control. Given that options are getting increasingly limited, Goyal may have to change his stance. Struggling Indian airline Jet Airways is…