How Indian Startups Eflight and The ePlane Are Gaining Thrust In The Aviation Sector

One of the worst Pandemic-hit Aviation Sector is set to recover in 2021 but these Indian Startups are already making gains in the industry which looks promising to become the world’s largest by 2030.

Boeing Explores Support For 737 Max Replacement But Rolls-Royce Reluctant To Commit

Rolls-Royce has expressed its keenness to provide engines after Boeing reached out for support with plans for a new, midrange jetliner.

Will Pilots Remember How To Fly When The Skies Open Again?

Airlines will have a tough time keeping thousands of grounded pilots raring and ready to take-off instantly if and when the coronavirus-forced air travel bans end after months.

Trump Targeting Airbus Will Not Propel Boeing Out Of Its Problems

Trump’s latest tariff hike directly hits the world’s biggest aeroplane company Airbus, and at the very same time, intends to help the struggling American planemaker Boeing.

Airbus’ Awe-Inspiring Eagle-like Aircraft Of The Future

A glimpse of the ‘Aircrafts Of The Future’, recently revealed Airbus’ biomimicry concept future plane will leave you spellbound.

Indigo places Mega order for 300 Airbus jets worth $33 billion

India’s largest airline, IndiGo has ordered 300 planes worth $33 billion. It is Airbus’s largest order from a single airline. The airline is looking to expand its international network with the long-range, fuel-efficient planes.

Airbus delivers 1,000th A320neo family aircraft to IndiGo

Planemaker Airbus has delivered the 1,000th A320neo Family aircraft. The aircraft — an A321neo — was delivered on Thursday (local time) to low-cost airline IndiGo which is the world’s biggest customer for the A320neo Family with orders totalling 430 aircraft.

Saving money for a private jet? Go for an Airbus instead

How much money do you have in your piggy bank? If your answer is more than $400 million, try having a personal Airbus.

Airbus has got its wings

Airbus has unveiled a new concept aeroplane called “Bird of Prey” which is a bird-plane hybrid relied on the theory of biomimicry.

Airbus: Albatross inspires next generation of wing-design

Airbus engineers have developed a scale-model aeroplane with the first in-flight, flapping wing-tips that could revolutionise aircraft wing-design.