Holland Eyes ‘First Green Superpower’ Status With Hardt Hyperloop

A hyperloop may run on a speed close to 760mph. The new public transport innovation has the ability to revolutionize travel. It will reduce the time taken by a ground-based transport significantly, bringing it at par with air travel. Now, this makes the world a smaller place for everyone.

In A Post-Pandemic Future, Airbnb Has A Built-In Advantage

The pandemic has brought travel and tourism to a grinding halt. When the world travels again in future, the playing field won’t be level but tilt in their favour, at least that’s what Airbnb believes.

How to travel first class in a budget

Do you want to travel the world without breaking your bank? These tips may help you in getting an inexpensive business..

Almost half of additional passenger flights to come from Asia: IATA

Half of additional passenger flights to come from Asia: IATA The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said that growth in frequency of travelling by air over the next 20 years will be driven in large part by emerging markets…