Self Isolation — Why Am I Too Horny To Handle

Coronavirus Quarantine: Why is self isolation making you feel so damn horny? Are you constantly thinking about sex and feeling horny during your coronavirus quarantine? Fascinating about your latest crush? Constantly surfing porn websites? If yes, then you are not…

‘The Netflix of Porn,’ Adult Time Brings ‘Super Horny Fun Time’

Premium streaming platform Adult Time brings a Late Nightesque show, Super Horny Fun Time for its quarantined viewers

I Am A Married Woman And I Love Watching Porn

Porn has been blamed for everything. Right from a failed marriage, sexual dysfunction and even ruined several careers. We as women have been told porn consumption is, if not the same then more toxic and damaging as drug abuse.

11 Most Googled And Frequently Asked Sex Questions

You and everybody you know has more than a few questions about sex that remain unanswered. You could have many sexual interactions and still have questions about it. Sex remains a stigmatised topic. The questions it leaves behind are curious…

Women Who Watch Porn!

Porn is no longer a tabooed subject for women and so they watch it now, openly. Here’s why watching the right sexy videos can be good!

Squirting: The Real Deal Behind The Female Waterfall

You have probably already heard of squirting. Sure, it can be a little messy but did you know the feeling of extremely wet pussy is every man’s dream.

10 Popular Porn Moves Men Should Stop Doing In Bed ASAP

But do these lessons from those unrealistic scripted scenes actually help them seem more attractive by women? Our answer is a big NO!

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