7 Untold Stories From The Silicon Valley To Inspire The Entrepreneur In You

Multi-billion dollar tech businesses, from Microsoft to Amazon, had interesting origin stories: most of them from inside a rented garage space.

Adobe Acquires Oculus Medium From Facebook

Medium will remain free for people with an Oculus VR system. However, Adobe is expected to bring in more features, improvements, and other developments to Medium in 2020

25 Best Places for Women to Work in India

India has been steadily progressing on various aspects of the workplace culture. Today, gender equality is a key topic and we have seen a surge in the number of women professionals in offices in the country.

Adobe Issues Premiere Pro Fix for Bug That Caused Blown-Out MacBook Pro Speakers

Adobe has finally released a fix for a bug due to which Premiere Pro CC caused MacBook Pro speakers to blow in some instances. Some MacBook Pro users reported of loud, screeching noise which they couldn’t turn off. After the…