7 Reasons Why WeWork’s Adam Neumann Lost His Golden Parachute

WeWork’s Adam Neumann arguably got what he deserved when he lost his golden parachute. SoftBank pulling out of the $3 billion tender offer for WeWork doesn’t hurt the company as much as it hurts founder Neumann and the ones close to him.

Real Reason Why SoftBank Chose An Indian CEO To Rectify The WeWork Mess

WeWork’s new Indian-origin CEO Sandeep Mathrani revives lost causes but his appointment smells of growing scepticism inside the ranks at SoftBank, trying to save the unicorn and clear Adam Neumann’s mess.

Hottest Corporate Handshakes Of The Last Decade $$$

In case of leaving a company or getting terminated, an employee is handed a Severance Package subject to some terms and conditions. Recently, WeWork Founder Adam Neumann got 1.7 billion in the package.

WeWork didn’t Work but Adam Neumann still gets $1.7 billion

Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank is taking control of WeWork, and it is giving WeWork founder Adam Neumann the equivalent of approx $1.7 billion to sever most of his ties with the startup, according to The Wall Street Journal.

From Billionaire to Startup Joke: Fall of WeWork’s Adam Neumann

The WeWork co-founder’s abrupt fall from the billionaire ranks is the result of the co-working company’s failure to complete an initial public offering, pulling its plan 47 days after publicly releasing an offering statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

WeWork: The latest victim of the Founder-Investor Feud Trend

Adam Neumann co-founded WeWork and was the CEO taking his unicorn to a blockbuster IPO. But that was before he became the latest victim of a growing global trend where differences in views with VCs and Investors lead to unresolvable…

The We Company is planning to go bigger than ever

The Company with three subsidiaries recently filed its IPO prospectus and plans to go public by next month.

Why CEO Adam Neumann sold his shares before WeWork’s IPO?

As global office-space sharing and co-working start-up WeWork nears IPO, co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann reportedly sold his shares and took a $700 million loan.