The Psychological Impact Of Overturning Roe v. Wade

In some states in the US today, abortion is no longer legal. In several states, there is not even an exception to the law in cases of rape or incest. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am aware of…

How Much America Knows About It’s Future Vice President Kamala Harris

Joe Biden’s running mate for the US Presidential Elections 2020, Kamala Harris is still not adequately familiar to the world. Here is your introduction to the Democrat Party’s vice presidential candidate.

7 Beauty Brands Standing Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Be it the news hour or your Facebook notification pop up – from the looks of it, it seems like every other day one country or the other is trying to end the abortion access.

Donald Trump outlines his ‘strong pro-life’ views on abortion

Trump outlines his ‘strong pro-life’ views on abortion Against the backdrop of the US state of Alabama signing the most restrictive abortion law in the recent American history, President Donald Trump on Sunday outlined his “strongly pro-life” views on the…