Sokovia Accords Aren’t Forgotten, Civil War Continues In Phase 4 On Disney+

As the MCU moves into its Phase 4, the outcomes of Civil War seem to have ended. But there are reasons lurking which may prove otherwise.

Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor To Romance Captain America In Thor: Love And Thunder

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Falcon And The Winter Soldier To Set-up Iman Vellani As Ms Marvel

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Anthony Mackie Pointed Out Marvel’s Black Panther Hypocrisy; But Missed Nick Fury’s Plight

Actor Anthony Mackie Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Black Captain America has made an imperative point about the studio’s lack of representation

Captain America Vs Red Skull To Open Marvel Phase 4

It’s about time we get to see the epic Captain America Vs Red Skull face-off in Marvel Phase 4

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier To Restart Halted Production in Prague

And WandaVision is already in post-production The Czech Republic Government has greenlit TV and Film productions ⁠— Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Amazon series can resume filming anytime Film and TV productions halted by the Coronavirus pandemic sees a new ray of…

Coronavirus threatens Marvel’s Falcon And The Winter Soldier, TWICE

Coronavirus has hit Falcon and the Winter Soldier in more than one way. Here’s how Disney and the Marvel Studio are responding to it The outbreak of Coronavirus has struck the planet in the worst and varied ways from lives…

Black Captain America Meets Black Panther In Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The first black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley is set to return on Disney + upcoming MCU’s the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Will Sam…

Black Widow post-credit scene to set up Thunderbolt Ross

Here’s how the Black Widow post credit scene can set up Thunderbolt Ross into the Marvel Cinematic Expanded Universe Well, the Black widow is just around the corner and related leaks and theories are on an all-time high. Recently, the…