Robert Pattinson’s Batman’ Movie Is Launching Its Very Own TV Universe: New Series By Matt Reeves In The Works!

Matt Reeves, the filmmaker who is directing the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, has teamed up with HBO Max, to work on a TV series set in the caped crusader’s hometown.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman Spin-Off On HBO Max Is Robert Pattinson’s Worst Nightmare

As a multi-project deal director, Matt Reeves is making a spin-off series for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman which will chronicle the Gotham City Police Department on HBO Max

Keaton’s Return To Clooney’s Warning — Robert Pattinson Picked The Wrong Time To Play Batman

Pattinson’s real challenge is to find the distinct tone of the Batman which Clooney miserably failed at. Otherwise, it’s we are on course for a recap of the Batman & Robin disaster.

Because the boy sure doesn’t have the Keaton-like husk to whisper I am Batman!

Joker In Batman 2021 Sounds More Like Heath Ledger Than Joaquin Phoenix

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is set to introduce another Joker to the DC entertainment universe. However, given the already divided fan response to its current iterations, chances are DC will mess up the iconic character.

Joker Paved The Path For Robert Pattinson’s Batman

DC Comic has been a childhood staple for many generations but somehow the characters have failed again and again in enchanting viewers in a live-action movie. The success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, however, helped paved the path for Robert…

Venom Replaces Batman: Robert Pattinson’s July Release Hacked by Tom Hardy

Venom: There Will be Carnage With its new release date, Sony’s Venom grab the July release spot of DCEU’s Batman A day after Warner Bros Studios announced new release dates for its DCEU Umbrella. Sony Studios announced a delayed Venom…

DCEU New Movie Schedule: Robert Pattinson’s Batman Takes a Push, Wonder Woman Stays Put

Mr Wayne is Delayed! Robert Pattinson’s Batman movie gets a new release date in DCEU’s movie schedule Hollywood is a ghost town. All the major productions are stalled under the lockdown with no signs of America returning to normalcy. Big…

Robert Pattinson Is Out To Prove All Batman Experts Wrong

You’ve seen Batman saving Gotham from Joker; you’ve also seen Batman saving himself from Superman. Guess, what now? Now you’ll see Batman saving his family, as Robert Pattinson’s Batman to be a father in the new Batman reboot. We all…