Matt Reeves Turns Robert Pattinson’s Vulnerabilities Into Batman’s Vengeance

Robert Pattinson isn’t merely Batman, he’s vengeance incarnate. As reported, Matt Reeves has only shot 25% percent of The Batman; but the trailer gives the impression everything is in place for a commercial blockbuster. Reeves gave fans a glimpse of his vision of Gotham with the first Batman trailer at DC FanDome. He also flaunted his rogue gallery and established the Batman: Year Two theme.

Keaton, Kilmer, Affleck, Pattinson – All Batman Acts Could Feature In Flash 2022

WB has been retconning its misdeeds from the past and DC FanDome seems like their rite of passage. The Multiverse seems to be DC’s solution to put things in the order starting point of it being 2022 release The Flash…

DC FanDome Reveals — Robert Pattinson Vs Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel 2 And Flash’s Multiverse

DC FanDome is most sought out virtual event for fans this year. The big convention planned by WB will be filled with many fun highlights and surprises. With major movie projects on the horizon and plethora of content to unveil,…

Robert Pattinson And Matt Reeves’ DC FanDome Panel To Shed Light On The Batman’s True Intentions

In March when the pandemic stalled movie productions, there was still weeks worth of shooting left for The Batman. Yet the Batman is set for an October 2021 release. The details of the movie are scarce except the information that Pattinson and Reeves have shared previously.

Robert Pattinson’s Dress Parade To Henry Cavill’s Surprise: DC FanDome Events That Outshine The Snyder Cut

DC FanDome will see participation from 300 actors, creators, artists, crew, global hosts, presenters, and also special guests from across the DC/WB universe all coming together for the virtual event. This means that for 24 hours, fans will get exclusive glimpses into movies storylines, the upcoming TV shows, previews of games, comics, art and much more.

From Schumacher Cut To Robert Pattinson’s Batman: Val Kilmer’s Allegiance In Spotlight At DC FanDome

Sorry Marvel, this seems to be the year of DC. DC virtual convention is around the corner and it’s about to rain surprises. The unprecedented 24-hour event is going to cater to everything DC. With the guest list out for…

Gotham Season 6 Update While Reeves’ HBO Max Batman Spin-Off Is In Making

Gotham City is coming to HBO Max soon. The authorities have given a big thumbs up for a spinoff of ‘Gotham’ i.e. Matt Reeves’ up and coming ‘The Batman’ which will be set inside the Gotham City Police Department.

Robert Pattinson Dives Deep Into Matt Reeves’ Dark Psyche For Batman 2021

The Batman could have been the eleventh release of DC’s Extended Universe. But since Ben Affleck’s exit and Reeve’s takeover, The Batman has spun its own universe of sorts with an HBO Max spin-off. The script details are unclear as to how much the movie resembles Ben Affleck’s original dark broody ideas.

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Differ From Ben Affleck Or Michael Keaton (& Why It’s Similar)

Originally, the idea for Batman 2021 was conceived as a spin off for Ben Affleck’s Batman after the Justice League movie. But soon things took a 360 degree turn and the project shaped up as we know it now. The success of standalone Wonder Woman and Joker taught DC to take the non-franchise route for their characters. However the roots of the project points at a broodier, hedonically motivated Batman – an undertone that’s part of Reeves’ work too.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2021 Reincarnates Robert Pattinson As Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight

Interestingly, what Matt Reeves intends to shoulder and compete with is the legacy of his predecessors Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Snyder tends to spin a mystical world with real moral obligations of its various characters.