Disney Plus Gives Its Green Light To Star Wars: The Bad Batch For A 2021 Release

According to the official announcement from Star Wars: The Bad Batch makers, fans are going to join the Clone Force 99 as they find their…

Facebook rolls out Star Wars theme for Messenger

You can now bring the world of Star Wars right into your chats on Facebook Messenger with the rollout of the new theme. Users will be able to apply the limited-edition Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker chat theme, reactions, stickers, and AR effects, the official blog notes.

After Captain Marvel, Brie Larson has her eyes on Kevin Feige’s Star Wars

Brie Larson bagged the marvelous role of Captain Marvel…now she is preparing for yet another big name: Kevin Feige’s Star Wars.

Better than Legends: Movie Sequels that overshadowed Original Epics

Making a successful sequel movie can be a daunting task and a tough thing to get right. Not every movie sequel is better than the original as it isn’t easy to craft a film that is based on the concept…

JJ Abrams is going to make or break DCEU and Warner Bros.

JJ Abrams denied the deal with Apple despite the fact that they were willing to give him twice the amount of money. It is quite obvious that he wants to take over all of cinema, starting out with DC.

Rise of Skywalker may be the final nail in Star Wars’ coffin

Rise of the Skywalker is going to put an end to the latest Star Wars Trilogy. The earlier movies in the trilogy have been stepping stones to this final end.

Feel the Force at Star Wars theme park

Disney’s new themed land within Disneyland Park is a dream come true for those who have always wanted to fly the iconic millennium falcon

A hair dryer in new Star Wars movie

Twitter Users are asking a funny question- why is there a Hair Dryer Unicycle in the new ‘Star Wars’ Trailer? In a galaxy far, far away we spotted something peculiar. Space is full of mysteries. But this one needs to…