Ryan Gosling In Secret Talks With Kevin Feige To Get A Role In MCU

One more pretty face to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Ryan Gosling has reportedly been in the talks with MCU president, Kevin Feige, to be a part of the MCU family. What does the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Shoutout To All The Romantics! A Walk To Remember And The Notebook Gets A Reboot

Good omens for ‘A Walk To Remember’ and ‘The Notebook’ reboot make fans celebrate in advance. Fans still miss the fresh-faced Mandy Moore and Shane West in ‘A Walk To Remember’, and the countryside romance by Ryan Gosling and Rachel…

Thor 4: Henry Cavill As Hercules, Ryan Gosling As Beta Ray Bill, And More Secrets Revealed

Thor 4 Leaks that are as crazy as its director Taika Waititi As we make way for MCU Phase 4 to unfold, which started with WandaVision and continues with Loki uncountable sneak peeks of this legendary chronicles of Marvel are…

A Jinx To Netflix’s Dream Franchise: Russos Rewrite The Gray Man With Chris Evans And Ryan Gosling

Budget apart, The Gray Man also has history attached to it. Prior to Netflix, two major production houses have tried to bring a film based on author Mark Greaney’s thrilling novel series to celluloid in the past.

Incredibly Talented Ryan Gosling’s best movies of all time

A handpicked list of the best movies of all time starring Ryan Gosling.