The Famous Princess Diana Saga To Come Alive In Netflix’s The Crown

Prince Charles-Diana-Camilla triangle, season 4 of The Crown by Netflix seems to be the one we are waiting for. Read more to know about it.

The Crown Season 4 To Release Right On Schedule Just Like The Queen

That’s right! The British historical drama, ‘The Crown’, might be renewed for season 4 earlier than expected. Pretty much like everyone in the UK and around the world, the British Royals have always had the most media coverage for their…

Harry Saved Meghan From Becoming Diana, Courtesy The Crown

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from Royal life left everyone reeling: did the acclaimed Netflix show The Crown play a part in their decision?

Controversial Princess Diana Documentary Will Shatter The Royal Family And Break Harry And Willaim Down

After the stepping down of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Royal Family now needs to deal with a documentary on Prince Diana which is set

Losing Mother To Losing Royalty: Prince Harry Never Really Recovered From Depression

Prince Harry recently moved to California to start a new beginning of his life as a non-senior royal. However, Harry is feeling helpless

Ever Wondered What Happens If The Queen Dies During The Pandemic

The events following the death of the Queen will experience amendment in the royal procedure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Queen’s Death In The Time Of Pandemic — A Detrimental Blow To The British Economy

While it is not fun to think about, what will happen to the British economy if the Queen passes away in the time of the pandemic?

Prince Harry’s LA Career Is In Meghan Markle’s Hands

The ex-royal couples recently relocated from Canada to Los Angeles. However, it seems like Prince Harry may need Meghan Markle’s supports to

Coronavirus Hits Royalty: Queen’s Health Feared As Prince Charles Is Coronavirus +Ve

Royal Clarence House informs that Prince Charles of Britain is Covid-19 infected. While his wife Duchess of Cornwall tests negative

Royalty Doesn’t Fear Coronavirus: The Crown Season 4 Sticks To Schedule

Amidst several lockdowns, and movie release dates being pushed back, there is one show on Netflix that is relentlessly shooting its fourth season, i.e, The Crown. Netflix’s royal hit, The Crown Season 4‘s production is still on amidst several cancellations…