Spiderman 2021 Title Leak: Movie Begins Directly After Far From Home?

Spidey is all set to web us in 2021 with a bang. Recently Sony and Disney announced that there’ll be the third

When Duty calls, booty get sidelined: Spider-Man might die a virgin after all

Our friendly neighborhood superhero – Spider-Man confronts a grave chastity crisis. It isn’t a villain’s doing but his own personal choices. Does Spidey choose to stay a virgin, or is he just not suave enough with the women? Marvel Comics…

Spider-Man 3: The Possible Storylines

Marvel Studios is looking to bid adieu to Peter Parker aka Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige’s Marvel needs to complete this transaction before their new deal extension with Sony expires. Marvel Studios had their new deal with…

Marvel’s Avengers video game teaser out

Marvel Games has finally teased its upcoming action- adventure video game ‘Marvel’s Avengers’.