Gal Gadot Is Fired From DC: Wonder Woman 3 In Limbo

After poor reception for the second instalment of the Wonder Woman franchise- 1984, Warner Bros and Dc are contemplating how to pull off Wonder Woman 3. Twitter has been abuzz with reports floating around that following Gadot’s controversial tweet about…

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Wonder Woman 3’s Success Lies In Zack Snyder’s Original Vision

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Wonder Woman 3 Isn’t The End Of The Franchise But Beginning Of A New One

What’s in store for the Wonder Woman franchise? Keep reading to know more. It’s official: ‘Wonder Woman 3’ is going to happen. Warner Bros. has accelerated development on the third Wonder Woman film, just two days after ‘Wonder Woman 1984’…

Zack Snyder Saved Gal Gadot After Patty Jenkins Destroyed Her In WW 1984

After the severe backlash of Wonder Woman 1984, Zack Snyder saved Diana in his director’s cut of the Justice League Gal Gadot has portrayed Wonder Woman four times. Two times for Zack Snyder in Batman Vs Superman and Justice League,…

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