Lockdown Hits Marvel With Some Major Connectivity Issues

Loki, Ultron, Hella, Thanos … And now Coronavirus. Is Coronavirus’ impact ‘the SNAP’ for the Marvel Franchise business? HEADS UP! MCU is facing a villain that no Superhero can handle Charting Tough Waters Isn’t New for Marvel Studio The Franchise…

Avengers And X-Men Assemble For Spider-Man’s Challenge

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in people getting creative on social media…the latest to join are the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man..

Scarlett Johansson Does Not Want To Be Black Widow

While fans are in a frenzy over the movie, did you know that Scarlett Johansson never wanted to do a solo movie of Black Widow?

Duffer Brothers Are Secretly Prepping Stranger Things To Merge Into Marvel

The Duffer Brothers are secretly planning to merge Stranger Things into Marvel after season 4 or 5.. here are all the signs which prove…

The Earth Needs 8 Billion Avengers To It’s Rescue

Amidst all the fear and hassle because of the CoronaVirus, it compels us to draw parallels between it and the hated Thanos in the MCU…

Avengers To Investigate Mark Zuckerberg’s Huge Mistake

Though Mark Zuckerberg called it ‘huge mistake’ but people still find his role suspicious – Russo Brothers will not just bring their Avengers expertise but they also want more Avengers to be part of the vision.

David Harbour Is Just Kidding, Hopper Will Be Red Guardian

Hopper, a grumpy but fan favourite cop in the Netflix Series Stranger Things which is set to return for a Season 4 is also a Russian superhero, Red Guardian in the upcoming Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion To Return in Future Spiderman Movies

Yes! Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion Return in MCU. Major Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion to return in MCU for future Spiderma…

The New Mutants Will Be Sacrificed For The Eternals To Succeed

The New Mutants is set to release on 8 April… but with coronavirus and Marvel’s past decisions, it will not release before The Eternals.

Brie Larson Gets Yet Another Bribe To Stay In Marvel

Brie Larson was being eyed for a role in DC and was demanding higher pay…now, Marvel Studios is giving in to her demands, bribing her…