Hela and Thanos: Is There Something Steamy Brewing Between These Two?

It is hard to even imagine the movie version of Thanos romancing Hela, the Goddess of Death. How is it even

How Marvel Might Bring Back Crossbones From The Dead?

Despite dying in Captain America: Civil War, Frank Grillo as Crossbones is making a return to the MCU. Frank Grillo will be back in MCU

Why Should You Wait For Season 4 Of The Runaways?

Restless? An increased heart rate with hyperventilation? Heavy sweating? Umm, trouble concentrating? Distraught sleep patterns? While these barbaric anxiety symptoms may blow hot and cold from one certifiable binge watcher to another, and we are here to identify with call it…

Marvel Studios is Shutting Down… It’s TV

Marvel Studios has closed down Marvel TV but it will not effect the shows(reportedly). The Studios will now be running these (few) Supe shows

Here’s A Look At Doctor Strange’s Staff At Marvel’s Upcoming Strange Academy

Marvel is launching Strange Academy, a school for magical kids (yes, we know you are thinking Hogwarts)…Here are the teachers who will guide

MCU kept Thor alive in Endgame just to end him in Love and Thunder

Avengers: Endgame saw the heartwrenching end of fan-favourite characters Black Widow and Tony Stark. But the movie carved the way for new Avenger characters from the comics universe to take the baton and continue the series. Among the original Avengers who survived was an…

Captain America’s best story has been STOLEN?

Marvel Black Widow Movie! The name sounds so familiar. Isn’t it! Just a heads up before we get into the real context

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An almost perfect and extremely rare comic book treasure, Marvel Comics No. 1, auctioned for a mind-boggling $1.26 million.

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If Brie Larson up for some Le*bian Action in Captain Marvel 2

Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly coming out of the closet. We are decoding if Brie Larson will have a girlfriend in Captain Marvel 2 or not