The Truth About David Harbour Leaking Black Widow To Duffer Brothers

With Black Widow about to arrive, theories, as always, are making their way into the minds of fans. Here’s a list of those that can turn out to be true.

Marvel Writer Spill Beans On Everything Unexpected In Loki

The expected cameo in Loki can be Thor rescuing his brother or Doctor Strange playing along with Loki across different timelines. God of Mischief, Loki is just around the corner, and it’s not long until it appears on Disney+. From the…

Misogynist RDJ Defends Chris Pratt And Abandons Brie Larson

Robert Downey Jr. quickly steps in to defend Chris Pratt for being voted as the worst Hollywood Chris. Fans question if Robert Downey Jr. is biased toward his MCU male co-actors. Fans are clearly not happy with the support Chris…

Loki: WandaVision Foreshadows The Fate Of Thor’s Cameo

Loki highlight that needs to be addressed right away Infinity Saga, the prominent 23-movie arc of MCU is unambiguously the food for the thought franchise. That boasts roping in the picturesque cast ensemble. However, the Avengers movie being too crowded,…

Captain America 4: Marvel Plans Debute Of Red Skull’s Daughter

Marvel is making some interesting choices with Captain America 4s villain From Captain America facing the Red Skull in 2011, the history repeats itself with the new Captain America facing Red Skull’s daughter, Sin. Captain America 4 will have a…

After Christopher Nolan Christian Bale Is Betting On Taika Waititi

From Batman to Gorr: The God Butcher, Bale has always chosen the right directors to work with Unlike any other Thor movies, Love and Thunder is going to be the best. PERIOD. Taika Waititi claims himself. Of the many, many,…

Ant-Man 3 Foreshadows A Villian That’s NOT Kang The Conqueror

Recently, Evangeline Lilly (the Wasp) in her latest Twitter post dropped a clear hint of the return of Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll) in Ant-Man 3.

Chris Hemsworth Aka Thor’s Neighbours Are Scared Of Him: Here’s Why

A House Party? It seems that Chris Hemsworth has hosted a house party and fans are sceptical about him breaking the lockdown protocols. Keep reading to know more Chris Hemsworth has gone from being a little-known Australian actor to one…

Loki Will Pave Way For Other Marvel Time Travelers

With Loki doing time at the TVA, we cannot help but think about Marvel characters known for time travel who can show up for a cameo.

Sinister Six Brewing Between Sony And Marvel

The MCU multiverse is about to explode with Spider-Man: No Way Home. And one of multiple possibilities is the arrival of the Sinister Six.