This is when Brie Larson will take over Hollywood with Captain Marvel 2

Now that the production of Brie Larson starrer Captain Marvel 2 has kicked off, everyone is curious when will the movie hit the silver screen?

Marvel to ‘justify’ Captain America’s Hydra Connection in The Falcon and Winter Soldier

Chris Evans isn’t done yet with the MCU and we shall get to see Captain America back in action with The Falcon and Winter Soldier as the bosses at Marvel justify the relatively new ‘Hydra’ comic storyline and the ‘two words’ hint from MCU Phase 2.

Fans will need Disney Plus subscription to follow Future MCU Movies: Marvel Chief

Disney plus have many shows planned, but they aren’t branching out but are deeply rooted in the premise of future Marvel Films, as per Kevin Feige. We all know that Disney is launching his standalone streaming platform Disney plus. But…

Why the MCU lacks sexuality compared to Comic Canons?

Like us mere mortals, superheroes also have bodily urges and desires. Several comic book writers have referenced and portrayed them graphically, then why do MCU movies refrain from addressing sexuality? Bodily urges are a trait shared by all humans across…

Spider-Man gets a Spider-Villain: Here’s Hobgoblin

In the upcoming Spider-Man movie, we will see a classic Spider villain Hobgoblin and it looks like Peter Parker’s best friend Ned is up for it.

Thanos’ son holds all in his hands: Revenger or Avenger?

Thane is the son of Thanos, his last biological child kept a secret from him. Marvel Phase IV’s upcoming movie, ETERNALS could hold the key to unlocking the phenomenon of this mysterious character. This is a character of immense strength, half inhuman and half Titan.

Could Infinity stones possibly exist in reality?

The Infinity Stones are the driving force of the Universe; without these, there is no Universe. That means no MCU.

Thanos wins because of this one thing in Endgame

This alternate universe offers insight into the possible introduction of Red Hulk in MCU. The issue in this universe would be that there would be another baddie in play; i.e, the loss of everything.

Robert Downey Jr. confirms return to Marvel

Even if the character of Iron Man died in Endgame, the production storyline will see Robert Downey Jr. back in the next phase of Marvel movies. Avengers and MCU are synonymous with Tony Stark aka Iron Man played by Robert…

Thanos is inevitable: Here’s why he’s coming back to MCU

Thanos is inevitable; the mad titan eternal is super-strong without any of the Infinity Stones and he is sure to be seen 14 Million times agai