Back For Brie — Chris Evans Re-Enters MCU With Captain Marvel 2

Captain America, Captain Marvel and Killmonger, a love triangle in MCU? Chris Evans aka Captain America and Michael B. Jordon aka Killmonger are in love with Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel.

X-Men’s Magneto Joins Nightmare In Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange 2

Not only is Dr Strange 2 getting a new villain in Nightmare, but even an X-Men veteran in Magneto is also on board…

Spider-Woman’s Job Is To Impress Brie Larson In Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2 might show Carol and Spider-Woman as more than friends MCU’s Captain Marvel skyrocketed in terms of popularity. The standalone movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of Marvel. Carol Danvers sure charmed the fandom.  Highlights — Captain Marvel…

If Cavill Can, I Will Too — Jason Momoa Boards Marvel Ship To Become Wolverine

Jason Momoa would grab the chance if he ever gets to be the next Wolverine after Hugh Jackman. But will he quit Aquaman for Wolverine?

Christian Bale Is Playing Galactus In Thor: Love and Thunder

Christian Bale would soon be seen as the supervillain in Thor: Love and Thunder. Hints and theories point to him being Galactus…

Thor 4 Will Be A Family Affair With Two Hammers And Two Hemsworths

Chris Hemsworth became famous due to Thor’s cape. But Thor 4 will prove to be a family affair with his brother, Liam Hemsworth joining him…

Josh Brolin Is Back For Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool 3, But As Thanos

Do you know? Thanos is Villain Deadpool 3. Yes, Marvel is planning on bringing back Thanos as Villain in Deadpool 3. “I am Inevitable” said..

Superheroes Versus Coronavirus — DC Hit Worse Than Marvel

THe nCOVID-19 lockdown has become a nightmare for the film industry. Since the Coronavirus outbreak turned into a pandemic, Marvel and DC have witnessed different impacts in their Superhero Box Office rivalry.

Neither Hellboy Nor Red Guardian Jim Hopper Is The Real Superhero

Be it the red swollen Hellboy Avatar, or the most charming Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things, or the Red Guardian in upcoming Black…

Brie Larson Has A New Best Friend In Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2 will likely bring Monica Rambeau to take on the mantle of Photon. Highlights Maria Rambeau will not be a part of Captain Marvel. Monica Rambeau will take on the mantle of the superhero Photon. Photon and Captain…