Harry Potter Aka Daniel Radcliffe Fits Smoothly In MCU’s Wolverine’s Role

Amidst many names that are being rumoured to play Wolverine, Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe, is the perfect fit. After Hugh Jackman…

Marvel Paying Brie Larson More To Lead The Avengers In MCU Phase 4

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel to lead Avengers in MCU Phase 4. Yes, Marvel is paying Brie Larson more than any avengers to make Captain Marvel the captain of MCU.

Coronavirus Cancels Captain America And Thor’s Mission Boston.

Thor and Captain America were all set to fly off to Boston. They had a mission to accomplish. Their fans and the ones in the need to be saved were waiting for them with hope. But the threat was bigger,…

Chadwick Boseman Out! Marvel Makes Black Panther 2 A Female Superhero Flick

Sounds like Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther days are numbered in the MCU and it’s his on-screen sister Shuri who is threatening to take away the crown of Wakanda from T’Challa. Highlights! Marvel Sees Black Panther 2 As A Female Superhero…

Wait! Black Widow Was Never A Part Of Avengers Endgame

Black Widow release date is pushed due to coronavirus, but fans are still analysing the trailers for hidden Easter Eggs..Natasha Romanoff is

Not Captain Marvel But Everything That Brie Larson Does Is About Saving The World

From Captain Marvel to the recent Nissan ad, Brie Larson knows how to advocate feminism right.  Highlights Brie Larson has a very strong female fanbase. Her advocacy for feminism, equal right, female empowerment, and more sets her apart and popular…

Here’s Why Mulan Will Never Release Even After Coronavirus

The Disney movie Mulan is set to face huge losses and Covid’19 isn’t the reason behind it! What is causing this huge hole in Disney’s pockets?

Back For Brie — Chris Evans Re-Enters MCU With Captain Marvel 2

Captain America, Captain Marvel and Killmonger, a love triangle in MCU? Chris Evans aka Captain America and Michael B. Jordon aka Killmonger are in love with Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel.

X-Men’s Magneto Joins Nightmare In Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr Strange 2

Not only is Dr Strange 2 getting a new villain in Nightmare, but even an X-Men veteran in Magneto is also on board…

Spider-Woman’s Job Is To Impress Brie Larson In Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2 might show Carol and Spider-Woman as more than friends MCU’s Captain Marvel skyrocketed in terms of popularity. The standalone movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of Marvel. Carol Danvers sure charmed the fandom.  Highlights — Captain Marvel…