What Are Polyamorous Relationships?

The world of relationships has changed beyond recognition in recent years. People are now becoming more open-minded and willing to try new things. In years gone by, a polyamorous relationship would have been frowned upon, but now things are different.…

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight Back On Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Promise — The World This Week

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight on Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Delusion — The World This Week

RISE: Asia’s Biggest LGBT+ Conference & Job Fair Goes Virtual

Over 1000 LGBT+ candidates apply for jobs at ‘safe and inclusive’ workplaces Pride Circle is set to host the 3rd edition of Asia’s biggest LGBT+ Conference & Job Fair – Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity (RISE) in May 2021. The…

Travel Guide To LGBTQ Friendly Countries

LGBTQ people love to travel as much as anyone else, but they do have to contend with the cultures of the places they visit. After all, not every country treats these individuals favorably. With that being said, it is important…

One Hint After Another, Its Time To Accept Brie Larson Is Gay

Wait, is the ‘Captain Marvel’ star Brie Larson dropping hints that she might be gay? Let’s find out before making any assumptions. Brie Larson is an American actor who debuted as the first titular solo female superhero in the MCU’s…

Trump’s Make America Great Again — The Worst Presidential Promise In American History

With Donald Trump came the vision with the slogan ‘make America great again’ where he neither explained ‘great’ nor ‘again’ to the citizens

Brie Larson Led Phase 4 Proves That Marvel Had Planned Inclusivity Long Ago

LGBTQ representation always mattered in the MCU, while the studio planted the seeds long ago they are coming to fruition now vis various characters

Brie Larson And Disney Are Working Towards Making Captain Marvel A Lesbian Character In The Sequel

Fans like it or not, but it’s about time Marvel is going to bring in the lesbian characters to empower the LGBTQ community. The first step in MCU can be Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel 2. Captain Marvel was released on…

Poland’s Proposed ‘Stop Pedophilia Law’ Is Disguised Homophobia

critics of the law claim it is a disguised homophobic missile that attacks the country’s LGBTQ community, a number of whom are sex-ed teachers.

Marvel’s First LGBT Couple Has Smoking Hot Chemistry In Real Life

New Mutant stars Maisie Williams and Blu Hunt show off screen chemistry. The new mutants stars enjoy off-screen chemistry at premiere…