Jim Parsons Has Got His Genius Back On As He Returns To Big Bang Theory For Season 13

The Big Bang Theory ended after Season 12 leaving the show’s dedicated audience stunned and heartbroken. What is the real reason behind the show ending and chances of it coming again? A good piece of machinery won’t work unless it’s…

Sheldon And Amy Contest Against Each Other To Solve Big Bang Theory’s Biggest Mystery

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Shocking! Kaley Cuoco And Jim Parsons Made A Banging Fortune From Big Bang Theory

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Would you believe it if someone told you that Jim Parsons duped the Big Bang Theory fans and its cast of two more seasons? Well, according to

Big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon Come Together For A Hit Finale

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Big Bang Theory And Breaking Bad Crossover To Give Us The Movie Of Our Dreams

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The Big Bang Theory Season 13 Will Explain All Inconsistencies Between Adult Sheldon And Young Sheldon

Fans from all over the world are excited to unravel inconsistencies between adult Sheldon and Young Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory season 13. Highlights YS and TBBT receive 28 awards and counting The inconsistency of the (un)happy Cooper family…

Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Going Penny’s Way To Impress His Husband

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Big Bang Theory Season 13: Penny Forms A Secret Society Against Sheldon Cooper

Penny aka Kaley Cuoco forms a secret society to take down Sheldon Cooper aka Jim Parsons for killing the show Big Bang Theory. It is an irony that writer’s favorite character Sheldon played by Jim killed the series while Penny…

The Big Bang Theory Fans Are Terrified Of Sheldon Cooper

Can you imagine Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper ever being so scary that fans are genuinely terrified? Your wildest dreams have come true!