Jon Snow Has Broken Our Hearts, But There Will Still Be A Game of Thrones Spin-Off

Fans of HBO’s popular drama Game of Thrones will get one more sequel apart from the confirmed House of The Dragon. This one is on Jon Snow, and you know nothing, or at least, not half of it. Read it…

Truth Or Myth: Game Of Thrones Season 9 To Be The Series Finale

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 9 finally happening in 2020? Scroll down to know more details about it.

Avengers And X-Men Set For An Epic Crossover With HBO’s Game Of Thrones

It’s not a new thing for famous characters to switch franchises given all of them are expansive in nature.Over the years we have seen many characters from the HBO show crossing over to the MCU. Now with Marvel’s Fox possessions like Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four their talent pool is wider than ever.

Game of Thrones Star Sean Bean To Star In Snowpiercer Season 2 As Mr. Wilford

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What Happens When Two And A Half Men Lands In Westeros Of Game Of Thrones

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Netflix’s The Witcher Is Not As Good As The Novels – Accepts Lauren S. Hissrich

Netflix’s The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill, might not be as good as the Novels, and the Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich isn’t afraid to accept the fact, instead, she has explained the reason. The Witcher, which stars Henry Cavill in the…

Westworld Has Become A Crossover World: From Game Of Thrones To Person Of Interest And Now Breaking Bad

Trending HBO show, ‘Westworld’, has become all about crossovers and there’s no stopping it. What started with ‘Breaking Bad’, continued

First Game Of Thrones, Then Breaking Bad And Now Person Of Interest – Westworld Has Become All About Crossovers

First Breaking Bad, then Game of Thrones, and now Person of Interest, Westworld has nothing more to offer than crossovers, references, and copied concepts. References are good, as they take the audience back to some of their favorite cinematic moments…

Henry Cavill Is Getting Replaced By This Actor In The Witcher Season 2

The latest reports suggest that Netflix is casting a new Witcher at the place of Henry Cavill for The Witcher Season 2. The question is, will Henry Cavill still be the Witcher or not? Not to be surprised, but The…

Shocking! Aquaman 2 Will Release But Without Amber Heard

It’s yet to be seen whether Amber Heard will play the role of Mera again in ‘Aquaman 2’. If this is true though, who will replace her? There are rumours doing rounds that Warner Bros. has fired Amber Heard. She…