Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig & Co. Better Root For Robert Pattinson’s Tenet

The summer of 2020 will be remembered as the toughest time in Hollywood’s history. With the constant rise in popularity of streaming platforms and theatres shut since March, the rather bleak health of the theatre business is in more danger than ever before. While studio executives and theatre owners wonder what the new movie-going experience will be like, everyone is watching the release of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet closely – the first big test of Big Cinema.

Mind-bending Science Behind Christopher Nolan’s Tenet That Left Robert Pattinson Clueless

Christopher Nolan is the rare breed of filmmakers who believe in making cinema only for the theatres. In the age of rapid consumption of more and more screen time, Nolan’s lucid ideas spin magic on the big screen in the briefest span. ‘Time’ is one of Nolan’s favourite cinematic subjects and also the theme of his directorial next, Tenet.

With Tenet, Christopher Nolan Departs From Inception-Interstellar Filmmaking Rituals

Touted as Nolan’s most ambitious film of his career, there are certain things which definitely make Tenet a remarkable film in its own way. Nolan filmed Tenet while keeping its storyline under lock and key.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman 2021 Reincarnates Robert Pattinson As Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight

Interestingly, what Matt Reeves intends to shoulder and compete with is the legacy of his predecessors Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Snyder tends to spin a mystical world with real moral obligations of its various characters.

ACW’s Agenda Behind Gender-Swapped Kung Fu Reboot Exposed

What is Warner Bros and CW trying to achieve by doing a gender-swapped and race swapped reboot, Kung Fu? Read more to know about it!

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 Picks Up Where Christian Bale’s Dark Knight Left

Wonder Woman’s golden armour will debut in WW 1984 on the big screen. The armour first came up in 1996, the third issue of Elseworlds: Kingdom Come. Diana wearing it in the comic shows the stakes are really high. She dresses the part to embrace the soldier side of her. The armour is a symbol of war. When she dons it, she is invoking the Spartan side entering the battle.

Kung Fu Reboot Ditches The 70s Original And Copies Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins

The official synopsis of CW’s gender-swapped ‘Kung Fu’ nowhere reminds us of the 70s martial arts classic. Moreover, it sounds like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’.

This Leaked Scene Reveals The Mysterious Concept Of Nolan’s New Movie Tenet

“All I have for you is a word, ‘Tenet’.” The second trailer to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie Tenet has been released, and it has revealed the mysterious concept on which the movie is based. Try to write “Tenet” backwards, and…

With Snyder’s Justice League, DC Turns Darker Than The Dark Knight

The year 2020 is turning out to be an amusing one! Well, let’s not recount the horrors that we have seen since the beginning of the year. But let us look at the promise the future holds. And the future holds Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut for us!

Marvel Eyes Christopher Nolan To #SavetheDaredevil — Time For Matt Damon To Join The Mix

Marvel Studios intend to have Christopher Nolan on the future Daredevil project