DC Must Learn From Marvel And Delay Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 has been delayed again to Christmas however WB should follow in Marvel’s footsteps and consider another date in 2021

Marvel Phase 4 Content Draught Isn’t Leading Disney To A Happily Ever After

Amid Coronavirus, Disney has further pushed back the release of its MCU Phase 4 movies along with other big-budget titles to 2021.

Marvel Takes Final Steps Towards Black Widow’s November 6 Theatrical Release

The internet is divided over Marvel’s Black Widow theatre release. While trade reports suggest a delay, a leak from Disney India suggests the localization process has started

Disney Gambles With Mulan’s Fate To Make Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow A Success

While Disney’s earnings aren’t great, the streaming platform seems to be the lone bright spot. In these uncertain times, it’ll be interesting to see how the mass media giant uses the streaming platform. And if Mulan’s VOD release covers some losses for Disney, how far is Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow from a similar release.

Wonder Woman 1984: How Is Steve Trevor Still Alive

Fans were baffled when Wonder Woman trailer dropped back in December. The resurrection of Steve Trevor from death confused and excited the fans alike. No theories could satiate Steve Trevor’s return. Is he for real? Is he a figment of her imagination? How’ he back? The questions have been haunting fans for 8 months.

MCU Moves On From Scarlett Johansson — Replaces Black Widow With Chloe Bennet’s Quake

While Black Widow’s solo outing is yet to be featured in the MCU, seems like Marvel Studios have found a replacement of the deadly spy in Agent of Shield’s Agent Daisy Johnson aka Quake After Marvel Studios absolved Marvel Television…

From Bit Part Avenger To Marvel’s Biggest Bet — Scarlett Johansson’s Twist Of Fate

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow movie has been the longest gap between two MCU movies. Now with WB’s movies delayed due to COVID-19 spike fans are anticipating another delay

Captain America Jr Lurking In The Multiverse, In Touching Shadow Of Black Widow

Steve Rogers and Natasha meet their son James Rogers when Kang the conqueror throws the present timeline into the future. With Multiverse, it is not so distant thought

Marvel May Follow Stranger Things Footsteps To Bring Back Tony Stark

MCU phase 4 might bring our beloved Avengers back from the dead. Scroll down to know more! Will Marvel follow the footsteps of ‘Stranger Things’ and bring its significant characters back from the dead? Highlights Marvel’s big twist for phase…

Black Widow Reveals A New Blueprint For MCU Phase 4

The Black Widow movie that kickstarts MCU phase 4 is going to propel some interesting characters and storylines for upcoming phases